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Based in Tring and also covering Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, The Chalfonts, Great Missenden, Wendover and all other areas in the vicinity.

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About clutter

We can all suffer with clutter… basically, too much stuff.

There may be many reasons as to why you have felt the time is now right to engage some help.

Clutter seems to appear almost overnight and being ‘time-poor’ is the most common reason my clients tell me the clutter has built up.

 Clutter-clearing reasons could be:

* Inheriting the contents of a loved one’s house.

Re-purposing a room. You may need to work from home, or change a redundant playroom into a teenager’s study, etc.

* Moving Home.  Editing your possessions before packing up is a must. You don’t want to pack things you no longer want or need.

I can also help you to unpack at the other end so that everything is put away in its proper place right from the start.


Why engage me?

It is not always easy to deal with clutter by yourself. Having help makes the process quicker and is much more pleasurable than trying to do it alone. Having help also ensures that the job finally gets done.

I will help you find beautiful solutions so it is easy to keep your space clutter-free and easy to maintain, making you feel calm and organised and saving time in your day.

Editing our things, to keep what we really love or use, is the key to our mental calmness and wellbeing. It is literally life changing.

If you are time-poor and would like help to get your house ‘back on track’, I would love to hear from you!

Call or email to book your free phone consultation today.

A little about me

Hello, I’m Gill, thank you so much for being here.

I have always loved organisation; I trained as an Interior designer and ran my interiors and soft furnishings business for 25 years. Space planning and organisation is my passion and making a space function and work as easily as possible is something I have been helping my clients with for many years.

I am kind, supportive and non-judgemental when it comes to clutter and clearing.

In my work and personal life I have gone through many difficult changes so I understand how hard it can be to let go of some things, especially if you feel a strong attachment to it. Understanding where the feeling of attachment comes from is the key to being able to make a proper decision.

It may be that someone has given an item to you, or you may have bought something in haste and now regret it, or the item may be perfectly okay and so you can’t find a good enough reason to let it go… even though you might have multiples of the same thing!

Is there an official body or association for this type of work in the UK?

Professional Organiser & Declutterer.

Yes there is!  It’s called APDO and I am a member.
APDO stands for: Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.
Being a member ensures that:

*I hold Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance

* I am DBS checked

* I have access to lots of training

* I adhere to a code of ethics.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL your help and encouragement yesterday. Last night was the first time ever I could unload my dishwasher straight to my cupboards with everything having a home….a phenomenal feeling. I also loved it when serving up dinner and the plates were easy to get out of the cupboard. I went to be exhausted but oh so happy”



‘Just wanted to say that making my sons packed lunch flowed so easily…I could find the Tupperware I needed (and the lids) easily, there was space on the worktop to make it effortlessly and there was no fight with the cupboard begging it to release its grip on the chopping board without everything else spilling out of the cupboard onto the floor! I started the day peaceful and in flow….usually I dread making/doing anything in the kitchen’

H. F.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

I like to start with a chat, either over the phone or by zoom (or similar) 
This is a free 30 minute consultation and it’s where we can get to know each other and I can understand your goals. It also provides me with an idea of how long the process might take from start to finish to achieve all your aims.

Are you here all day when working on-site?

I like to work in 3 or 4-hour slots, I find any longer and it can become a bit overwhelming as there are a lot of decisions to be made at the decluttering stage.

I will need you to be available when decluttering as I cannot say if something is to stay or if it is going to be donated, sold, or recycled.

Three hours gives us time to make an impact and have a sense of achievement.

 Once the decluttering has taken place, I am happy to work with you, or on my own (if you prefer) when we get to the organising and storing stage.

Will I have to let go of things I am unsure of?

Absolutely not! I am not here to tell you what should stay or what should go. I am here to support you. I am the non-judgemental friend who encourages you to look and re-evaluate the things you have with fresh eyes, so that you keep the best and the most useful items. All decisions are entirely yours and it will be done in a comfortable, safe way. It will become an enjoyable process, I promise!

Do I need to buy lots of storage?

First we declutter – you definitely do not want to spend money on storage for items you are not keeping. Once we have sorted and cleared and know what is staying and where it will be kept, storage can be purchased if necessary.

I love the idea of repurposing items and you will probably be amazed at the storage you already own. I like to be as sustainable as possible, and we will find beautiful solutions to keep your things in a way where they will be easy to find and put back.

What happens to items I no longer want or need?

Some will be donated to charity shops and re-loved. Some will be recycled, and some will inevitably be skipped if they have come to the end of their useful life.

We will always discuss how and where items will go before we start.

How do you price up for a job?

 I can book either a three hour (£120) or four hour (£160) time slot.

 I should be able to give you a rough idea of how many sessions may be required once we get started as it depends on the task, and different categories may take longer than others.

Full payment is required when booking each session.  If you need to cancel for any reason, we will rebook the session.  I would ask that you let me know 48 hours before if you need to cancel.

Please refer to my terms and conditions for further information.

How far will you travel?

Ideally about 20 miles from Tring, but if you are outside this catchment area it may still be possible, but travel expenses will apply. I also offer a virtual decluttering service.

“I really look forward to supporting you on your journey to having a more Sorted and Simplified life”

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